4 Stylish Party-Wear Dresses For Your Newborn Fashionista

With each passing day, people are getting more stylish than before. Every new season brings along new trends, vibrant selection of colors and designs. The fashion enthusiasts leave no page unturned to find the most unique and stylish clothes and accessories for themselves. Also, gone are the days when only adults used to dress up in pretty clothes. New fashion trends are coming up in kids' clothing as well and parents are excitingly indulging in the same. If you are new and proud parents of a baby girl or baby boy, you would love to explore a great range of party wear for the newborn. To help you out, here are 5 stylish party-wear dresses that are a must buy to make your baby stand out from the rest.

  1. Mayoral Baby Pink Padded Satin Snowsuit

Mayoral Baby Pink Padded Satin Snowsuit


Is it too cold for the baby and you want him/her to stay warm and comfy without compromising on the style? Then, you must buy Mayoral Baby Pink Padded Satin Snowsuit. Just because the suit is in pink color doesn’t mean that your cute little baby boy can’t wear it. The loving pink color will complement his/her rosy cheeks and angel face. The round neckline, hood with fur trim and double front zip will keep the little one warm and comfortable.

  1. Mayoral Baby Girl Reversable Pink Jacket

Mayoral Baby Girl Reversible Pink Jacket

Why do we buy layers? So that we can stay comfortable and remove or wear extra clothing according to our requirements. Then why not think the same about your baby too? You can dress up the baby the way you want but if it’s warm during the day, you can carry Mayoral Baby Girl Reversable Pink Jacket with you and make the baby wear it when you feel that the weather is getting chilly. As it is reversible, one jacket will work as two, so this way you will save some bucks also. 

  1. Mayoral Baby Boy Reversible Coat

Mayoral Baby Boy Reversible Coat

Looking for a stylish, funky and uptown coat for your adorable baby boy? Mayoral Baby Boy Reversible Coat will be something that will definitely interest you. As it is a reversible item with great colors, it will be serving your purpose in a great manner. During the day you can opt for the bright yellow color, which will also complement your baby’s supple skin tone. At night, you can reverse the jacket to use the second color.

  1. Stella McCartney Kids Stars Puffer Jacket

Stella McCartney Kids Stars Puffer Jacket

Puffer jackets are one winter clothing item that never goes out of style. Every year, there are new designs in the same or people opt for solid colors so that the jacket can be used for years. If a party is coming up and you want your little one to dress up just like the adults do, choose Stella McCartney Kids Stars Puffer Jacket. The pink star pattern on navy blue base color will make your princess look extremely stylish and adorable. The jacket comes with a detachable hood, so you can either put it on or take it off according to the requirement.

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