5 gifts that would be best to gift your kid on a Christmas

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Figuring out what gifts are perfect for your kids to buy at Christmas can be such a struggle. They always put everything on their list when you ask them what they would like for Christmas. Give your children something special and enjoyable Christmas presents this year that are varied and sustainable, like dresses, shoes, chairs, and more.

Adorable Outfits

Monnalisa Girls Pink Tulle Dress

Monnalisa Girls Pink Tulle Dress

This Christmas season gives the gift of countless adorable outfits to the kids in your life. For an unwrapping that is likely to catch this Christmas joyful, add fun prints, witty graphic tees, and trendy jackets to your closet this season. Do not pick the same simple apparels and accessories that are gifted year by year whenever it comes to gifting this year instead; go for interesting and unique designs that will take your kids feeling happy and amazing all year round. 

If you're shopping for kids, Baby Bella has put together a full range of clothes to make little kids happy in your life. Here are clothes so trendy that your kids would enjoy un-wrapping them this Christmas, from fashionable dresses for girls to stylish kids' tees and boys' Christmas jackets.

Funky Shoes

Monnalisa Pink Teddy Print Trainers

Monnalisa Pink Teddy Print Trainers

It's essential to get all those last minute presents ordered, packed and popped under the Christmas tree when the festival is near.  If you're trying to find ideas for children, why not treat them with some brand spanking new shoes? There's a massive range of sneakers out there that will make the ideal present, from winter coats and shimmery party shoes to soft, cosy sandals. It may not have to only be shoes.

Baby Bella is in when you pick shoes as a present, a pair of boots would be a nice present with the winter already ahead of us and then a pair of sandals is ideal for holding feet comfy during the time of Christmas and winter.

Memory Box

Mayoral Baby Pink Polka Dot Memory Box

Mayoral Baby Pink Polka Dot Memory Box

Kids are in the practice of storing memories. A lot of them are saving their favourite items and valuable things. They collect souvenirs from places they travel and keepsakes from special occasions, as well as small items. Saving them in a memory box also is a good way to maintain memories from a specific moment. A memory box or a keepsake box is like a private bank vault where you can save valuable things and small souvenirs, such as their birthday or school memories,

Baby Bella has a unique kid memory box of various internal compartment sizes where you can store precious items from the most memorable moments of your little one's life and make their Christmas full of memories.

Stylish High-chairs

Now a day baby chairs & highchairs are in fashion. It allows you to splurge more time with your tot, and because children learn from adults, it also enhances their social skills if they have them at the dinner table. Then why don't you make them feel more secure and independent for this Christmas? Give a stylish, comfortable high-chair a gift to your child and let him or her cheer up.

Baby Bella has baby chairs & highchairs, allow you to easily feed the little ones. They have been designed with child-friendly materials and a safety belt to keep your kids safe.

Trendy Accessories

Bimbalo Hat with Real Fur Navy

Bimbalo Hat with Real Fur Navy

For children that are fairly young, look for accessories that can look fashionable and are not awkward or too sappy to make the kids still feel stylish and cool. This festive season's number one concept for gifting accessories is to be extra generous by modifying the presents depending on their design and expectations.

Baby Bella has a collection of kid accessories for Christmas gifts such as winter hats, caps, belts, and scarves for boys. For girls, we have trendy and colourful handbags, woollen caps and many more. Whatever you are in a mood for, Christmas preparation should be done right and earlier. Then, what are you thinking of? Browse through our collection and get the gifts that would be best for your kids this Christmas!

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