5 Least Favorite Baby Strollers

Baby strollers have become our new way to keep our babies safe and secure. With the help of a baby stroller, you can take your baby anywhere with you. Moreover, the baby will be under your constant care. You can also customize a baby stroller as per the needs of your baby. There are different varieties of baby strollers available in the market; standard strollers, sophisticated jogging ones, light-weighted, and Luv Lap strollers. You'll get numerous benefits by using a baby stroller. 

Baby strollers are so convenient to use; you can easily carry around your baby with the help of a baby stroller. They come up with an extra storage facility so that you won't have to bear things separately. You are definitely going to need a baby stroller right from the very start. It is required until your child turns 3 or 4 years and can walk a distance on his own. 

For most moms and dads, a baby stroller is a must-have thing because, with the help of it, they can get around effortlessly with their baby. 

It is definitely not an easy task to choose the right baby stroller for your baby. It is a time-consuming task as a baby stroller is one of those things on which the security of your baby depends. There are so many factors that you need to consider before buying the right stroller for your baby. Find a baby stroller that can fit well in your car when folded. Sifting through various websites and reading a specific company's stroller reviews isn't going to help you find the best stroller for your baby. You need to figure out the type of baby stroller you need. Are you going to use the stroller for traveling, walking, and jogging? If yes, then you should either opt for a lightweight stroller or a jogging one. 

baby strollers

You'll find baby strollers in different ranges of price. You need to decide the amount that you are willing to spend on a baby stroller. 

All these criteria mentioned above decide whether a baby stroller is good enough or not. Here is the list of some not-so-good baby strollers that you'll find in the market. 

  1. Standard strollers:

     These strollers do not turn out to be the best for everyone. Because of their weight and size, some "standard stroller" models are a little bit hard to operate. Most of them are very heavy, making it difficult for us to lift them in and out of vehicles. 

  2. Lightweight strollers: 

    Although there are many things to love about lightweight strollers, they are less practical for long excursions like day trips. They fail to meet your needs when it comes to durability. They are not an ideal option for everyday use. 

  3. Travel Systems: 

    With travel systems, you don't get to pick the stroller of your choice. They come with an infant seat which may or may not be quite beneficial for you. In order to accommodate an infant seat, various travel systems include heavy strollers. 

  4. Jogging Strollers: 

    Like the other baby strollers, there are some downsides that go with this one too. Jogging strollers are very expensive compared to other kinds of strollers. There are chances that your child may not like go jogging with you. It is actually a lot easier and simpler to jog on your own without any jogging stroller. So, it is important to think wisely before buying a jogging stroller. 

  5. Side by Side Double Strollers: 

    You can only use such strollers for kids with similar weight. They are very wide, which makes it so inconvenient for parents when they move in narrow and busy spaces. 

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