A Guide for Choosing Comfortable Footwear for Your Child

Foot health is vital for a growing child and it is directly related to type of choose your choose for your little one. If your child ends up with ill-fitted shoes, he/she might not realize the issue, but soon they will develop some serious problems that will hamper their growth. To make sure that your child’s feet are healthy, you must invest in the right shoes at each stage of their growth. There are many vital areas that you must cover to make sure you are selecting the right shoes for your child, some of which are listed below.

Child’s Age

Child’s age

Your kid’s age is an important factor that must be addressed before buying shoes for him/her. The shoe requirement for an infant, toddler or small children is completely different. For an infant, you must focus on shoes that are very soft and breathable as baby’s feet are still in developing stage and they sweat twice as much as adults. For a toddler, go for shoes that has room to grow and they can move comfortably in. Proper insole cushioning is a must. As far as small children are concerned, the shoes must be comfortable and made from breathable material, ensuring proper heel and ankle support. However don’t forget to check child's shoe size every six months to ensure proper fit and healthy foot growth.

Shoe Size

Your child’s feet will grow and it is vital to keep a tab on that. You can size the feet but make sure you do it at the end of the day when the feet are the most swelled from daily use. You can use various methods to measure the child’s foot length, however, make sure that you do it correctly to avoid any mistakes when buying kid’s shoes.

Shoe Material

Shoes for young kids must be breathable, soft, flexible and if possible, with anti-bacterial properties. As children’s feet sweat more than adults, keeping their feet dry is essential to avoid the growth of bacteria and fungus that cause smelly shoes and unhealthy stinky feet. Try to opt for shoes that are made from natural material and are not of plastic or synthetic material. If you have your heart out to shoes that are made from plastic or synthetic material, do buy but ensure that your child don’t wear such shoes on a regular basis and for prolonged time periods.

Shoe Structure

Mayoral Newborn Girls Pink Pre-Walker Shoes

Mayoral Newborn Girls Pink Pre-Walker Shoes

There have been many studies that show that right shoe structure is essential for healthy development of the child's growing feet. As they still have small bones and soft tendons in their feet, it is vital to choose shoes that are more flexible. If the shoe is not able to provide freedom of movement, it won’t offer stability and balance as well. The fit should also be comfortable without falling off from your child’s feet.

When you shop for shoes for your child, keep these points in mind to make the right decision and pick shoes that are comfortable and allow growth.

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