Baby Girl Clothes trends for 2021

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Baby Girl Clothes trends for 2021

Baby fashion has finally begun to mix adult patterns with stylistic concepts for children, making clothing designs and models look successful. Since apparel for girls should be predominantly comfortable, designers provide girls with plenty of suitable choices in casual, sporting, relaxed designs, as well as seasonal baby clothing as it appears on Happy Baby Bella.

Not just the parents, but even very little beauties, want to look trendy nowadays on their own. Our Baby Girl Clothes trends for 2021 will make it possible for little girls to look great among their friends. This brief rundown of the most important trends for baby girls will give you a few tips on how to make your baby girl look trendy. 

New shades of 2021

Let's begin our post firstly by discussing about the fashionable colour palettes of baby girl's apparel. With an abundance of natural and earthy colours, the colour scheme of children's clothes stands out. While thinking of the colours, we must understand since equality and unisex ideas are trends in every sector, the trend for colours we can term gender neutral will be very strong.

In addition to pink, white, blue, green, black, and aqua, this year, clothing will come in burgundy, melon, peach, emerald, violet, pastel, grey, and mustard shades. For instance short pink velvet dress or full length silver shimmer dress available at Happy Baby Bella.

New Trends of 2021

Consumers are now moving to long lasting, robust, convenient, and affordable products as a result of safety, wellness, and economic changes. Products with a longevity, which can be identified as timeless designs because they are produced of style and fabrics that can be used in many seasons, come to light at this phase. 

At the same time, a children's wardrobe can certainly be multifunctional, helping the child to feel fantastic on a stroll, at home, or on holiday. Here are 5 things to be considered this season:

Shorts & Tees

Monnalisa Ivory & Blue Paris T-Shirt

Monnalisa Ivory & Blue Paris T-Shirt

Comfort will emerge in shorts, which are invaluable in season, together with daily aesthetics. Shorts consisting of knit fabrics, elastic belt, accumulated waistband, and soft colours can often be used. The trend in season tops and t-shirts will be painted products, big graphic designs, and casual products that mix urban life and the style of the shore will be sold to customers.

Medium-length dresses 

Small beauties would be able to enjoy the warmth of medium length dresses in season. Babies will wear them nearly everywhere: in the playground or in the grocery store, at the parties or at home. You can have a ruffled dress or faux leather dress for party evenings. For casual events, you can go for simple cotton dresses.

Silhouette dress

Abel & Lula Ivory Tulle and Lace Dress with Pink Flower

Abel & Lula Ivory Tulle and Lace Dress with Pink Flower

A summer gown is a must-have in any little girl's closet. Toddlers will wear different patterns this season, like stripes, off-shoulder, floral prints, or lace dresses. Dresses made of chiffon, cotton and other light fabrics may be of particular importance.

Denim Clothing

Denim clothing is always in fashion: denim coats, skirts, leggings, jeans, caps with different styles will complete the wardrobe of your baby girl this year. You should also pay heed to certain sneakers with denim shorts and jeans. All denim clothing also comes with prints, embroidery and graphics. 


Skirts still make girls look more attractive and cuter. For baby girls in printed miniskirts or ballerina skirts, this is particularly so. To build a beautiful appearance, you can pair them with simple t-shirts or colourful tops.

Make your child look trendy this year with the latest collection of Happy baby Bella! Happy Baby Bella has a vast collection of kids branded clothing such as dresses, bottoms, winter coats and jackets, tops, shoes, swimwear and other accessories

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