Guide to Buy Clothes for 0-24 Months Baby

Are you looking for some cute clothes for your newborn? Do you want to buy something that would last for a few months for your little kid? Are you not sure how and what to buy for the tiny bundle of happiness in your arms?

Petit Bateau Cadence 3-Piece Ensemble Grey

Petit Bateau Cadence 3-Piece Ensemble Grey

It’s not surprising that new parents find it hard to pick clothes for their little ones. While family and friends gift clothes and give advice, they don’t always come in handy. The trick is not to buy too many clothes at once and make a heavy investment in something the baby will outgrow soon.

Infant dresses don’t fit babies for more than the first few months. Sometimes it can be limited to a month or two. Imagine buying a dozen on those only to realize you can use them anyone for your baby. Babies grow the most during the first two years. It is recommended to buy clothes that are bigger than your baby’s current size.

Pick One Size Big

Mayoral Baby Boy White Cotton Onesie

As we’ve mentioned earlier, buying the exact size based on charts may not always work. If your baby is wearing a certain size that snugly fits, it’s time to buy the new ones in the next size. You can also go for plus two sizes. But don’t go overboard and buy something too large.

Mix Up Branded and Non-branded

You don’t have to buy only branded clothes for the baby. Non-branded gowns, onesies, vests, etc. are equally beautiful and lovely. Branded and expensive don’t always mean quality. Moreover, with your baby growing every day, the expensive ones won’t last for a long time. You are better off investing in quality, irrespective of the brand name.

Check Sales and Discounts

Monnalisa White & Blue Floral Cotton Jersey Leggings

Monnalisa White & Blue Floral Cotton Jersey Leggings   

There is nothing wrong with buying baby clothes for discounted prices. Sales don’t have to mean cheap quality. Many stores provide sales and discounts to rotate the stock. You can find some nice cotton pieces for a lesser price if you search carefully. The trick is to make sure you spend time checking the stock and picking good ones. Baby clothes websites are yet another option to buy discounted clothes for newborns and little ones. Since you cannot touch and see the clothes directly, it’s better to choose a website you are familiar with.

Variety of Models

Mayoral Dark Denim Dress with Embroidered Flowers

Mayoral Dark Denim Dress with Embroidered Flowers

Don’t buy a bunch of the same type of clothes. Invest in different models so that you can dress up your babies in cute outfits for various occasions. Get a couple of infant gowns, a few onesies, 4-5 undershirts and vests, and more than half a dozen of one-piece pajamas. These are all highly comfortable for the baby to move around and for parents to change diapers and clothes.

Additional Clothes

Let’s not forget blanket sleepers for newborns. They are very soft and comfortable for infants to sleep for a long time. Also, you will need socks, mittens, and jackets, depending on the changing weather conditions. Buy a combination of light and dark colors with simple patterns. Make sure these clothes are easy to wash and use. You don’t want to spend more time washing them.

All said and done, remember that just as with adults, there is no standard size of babies. One size does not fit all of them. You have to keep in mind their weight, height, waist and chest size, etc. before buying clothes for them. Ensure to read more about the materials and fabric. The cloth has to be soft and smooth and should not cause allergies to babies. You can check out the website of Happy Baby Bella for the best collection of clothes for infants and kids.

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