Points to Remember While Buying Baby Stroller for The First Time

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First let me just say, Congratulations!! Welcome to parenthood. As your baby gets older, you will be looking into buying a baby stroller, to show your child the wonders of the world, the viridian green of trees and the blueness of the sky, every parent cherishes sharing such moments with their children. A stroller needs no description, it is a cradle in wheels that you can use to carry your baby around while keeping him/her comfortable. One google search would be enough to tell you that baby stroller comes in dozens of varieties. This blog is my attempt at making the task of choosing a stroller easier for you. 

Stroller Buying Guide

Mima Xari Stroller Black & White Label

  • Budget – 

    As it is with everything, the first factor to consider is the budget. Strollers are available for the cost of $50 to $2000. Determining a suitable budget for your purchase is always the first step and it is no different in buying Strollers. You can spend as much as you want or as little as you need. 
  • Safety –

    Safety of your baby should always be one of the first things you think about. The carriage you buy should have five-point baby belts that are adjustable, secure and comfortable. The stroller should have good quality brakes and have a locking feature so that they don’t roll down in the slope. Check for the presence of springs or suspensions so that in an uneven surface your child is comfortable.

Cybex X Jeremy Scott Mios Stroller - Cherub

Cybex X Jeremy Scott Mios Stroller - Cherub

3    Inspection –

Look at the body at the baby stroller, check it for any edges or sharp protrusions. All hinges and buckles must also be inspected to ensure their quality and comfort. A well-made baby stroller should be free of theses defects but vigilance is mandated.

4    Adjustability –

Babies grow fast. This is a fact. So your carrier needs to be adjustable so that the baby can be comfortable in the carrier as they grow older. The handlebars should be adjustable as well. A Canopy above the baby is a must-have in a carrier to provide shade to the baby. 

Cybex PRIAM Carry Cot Space Rocket

Cybex PRIAM Carry Cot Space Rocket

  • Your lifestyle –

    Stroller has to meet the needs of the baby and another individual, and that is you. The type of baby carrier you buy should suit your needs as well. If you are an active person that likes to jog, an advanced jogging stroller is also an option. If you have twins, you should consider looking into twin strollers. 
  • Portability –

    You cannot walk everywhere so a stroller that is lightweight and foldable is a must-have feature. Additionally, strollers that can be modified to work as a car seat for your baby are also very popular. This way your baby will be in and out of the car with minimal fuss. If you do not want a car seat-carrier combo then the carrier should be foldable enough to fit in the trunk of the car while also leaving enough space for other items.

Cybex Priam 2-in-1 All Terrain Light Seat Stroller

Cybex Priam 2-in-1 All Terrain Light Seat Stroller

  • Ease of use – 

    Before you make the final purchase make sure to ‘test drive’ it. Rolling it around in the shop with or without your baby in it will give you an idea of how it will function and all its features.

Looking at pictures of baby carriers on the internet is well and good but the final decision should only be made after thorough observation and contemplation. A carrier is as important, if not more so, as a car hence it needs in-depth research and knowledge about your needs and its intended use. 

So go out and enjoy your time with your precious baby, and make sure it is as safe and memorable as you can because you and the baby are what matters most.

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