Tips to Clean the Baby Stroller in 2021

Dirt, germs, mold, poop, milk and many such things are found in baby’s strollers and you may notice them every day.  It is important to keep the stroller clean. It gets dirty by saliva, milk, dust, dirt and many such substances. There are so many good reasons to clean a stroller. Ignoring cleaning it means ignoring health and hygiene of baby. You cannot do it.

Tips to Clean the Baby Stroller

You should clean it on regular basis as it is good for the health of your baby. Dirty stroller can attract bacteria that is not good for your baby’s health. If you clean it on regular basis, it will also keep stroller in good condition. There are so many new parents who might be looking for the tips to clean baby stroller. Here in this guide, we have mentioned few tips, you can check them below:

First of all, you need to empty stroller and take it outside your home. There are some removable stuffs in your stroller that you should remove like cushions. These fabrics and cushions can be washed separately. You can take your stroller outside the house, so that you can keep your house clean.

It is important to take a look and check any mildew growth over the stroller before washing it. If you find any kind of mold growth, you should apply baking soda and vinegar over it and leave it for an hour. You can start cleaning process after an hour. You can use washing machine to clean fabrics and cushions of baby strollers.

Things you need to clean baby stroller:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Towel
  • Water
  • Detergent or soap
  • A toothbrush
  • A brush
  • A sponge

Cleaning Process for Baby Stroller

You can start cleaning stroller using vacuum cleaner. It is important to vacuum all compartments or components of the stroller.

Now, you should start cleaning wheels from leave, dust, dirt and hair stuck.

Now, you can focus on the parts designed of metal or plastic. You can use a sponge and detergent to clean them. You can soak sponge in detergent solution and clean all the plastic or metal parts. You should avoid using brush as it can leave scratches on these surfaces, sponge is the right choice for cleaning these parts.

You may find some stains on the fabric of stroller, in this situation, you can use detergent solution and brush to clean these stains.

Once you are done with the process, you can rinse the stroller. You should try using warm water to rinse off detergent or soap solution. Now, you can leave the stroller to dry in cool area. You should avoid leaving it under the sun to dry.

How Often Should You Clean a Baby Stroller?

The longer you wait, your stroller becomes dirtier and you find it hard to clean it. If you do not want to make stroller cleaning a longer and tiring process, you should clean it regularly. You should clean it once after every use. You just need to dirt off the wheels and brush mud. You should keep cushions and fabrics clean, so that it remains germ free for your baby. You can also check out the manual of stroller before starting cleaning. It might have some important information regarding cleaning baby’s stroller. Hope you like this post.

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