Upgrade your kid’s wardrobe with the best boy accessories

A kid’s sense of fashion is always incredible nowadays and it must be if we go through technological advancements. Parents must know how to flaunt their kid’s wardrobe in the right way and grab the attention of everyone. It’s horrible for a kid to stand in front of a closet full of clothes and accessories and still having no idea about what should be worn for grabbing the attention of everyone. Id that the case with your child as well? Don’t worry. In this article, we will quickly get your hands at some amazing hacks that will blow your senses. You could land up asking yourself “well, that’s simple. How could I be so silly? Let’s take a look at these life-saving hacks to upgrade your baby boy’s wardrobe with the best accessories-

1. Choose the right shoe for the right event

So you have to attend a party with your kid and you have no idea, what footwear to pair up with the outfit? The first thing that you must stop is buying some good casual shoes that go well with all types of outfits and fashion apparel. You should buy some black or tan colored footwear for your baby boy that can be paired up with every outfit without looking odd. Only filling up the kid’s closet with blue colored shoes because he is a boy does not make any sense. So, choose the color and type of shoe wisely. 
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2. Get some belts and classy socks

Just like adults, kid’s outfits speak for them. Their outfit must gel with your status, age and personality. You will not like people judging your kid’s for their wrong selection of clothes or accessories, right. Being a parent to a baby boy, it is important you keep some nice belts and socks in your kid’s wardrobe. You can choose to have socks and belts of different colors that your kid can pair up with their outfits and rock their look. You can visit different stores to buy these baby boy accessories and analyze them before you spend your bucks.

3. Combine basic items with the latest trends.

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The timeless basic never goes out of trend. You can combine them with almost anything. Try to make your kid’s wardrobe 70% basic and 30% trendy. Adding trends to basics is the best way to stay updated. You need to add 2-3 trendy pieces every season to your kid’s wardrobe and your work is done.

4. Have 3 to 4 top options for each bottom.

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There’s a golden rule for the kid’s wardrobe. Have as many top options possible for each of your kid’s shorts and pants. It’s the top item that allures the viewers. Changing the bottom won’t click in eyes but the other way round can do. This hack can help you save some cash as well along with filling in the closet of your boy. Now you don’t need to worry about buying expensive jeans or pants whenever you buy a top. 

One important thing that each one of you can easily do is follow Instagram celebrities’ kids. Watch their outfit and how they accessorize their kid’s outfits. Keep an eye on detail. See how they combine their baby boy’s top and bottom wear. The sense of fashion becomes fine with your basic understanding of color code and combination.  

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