Ways to Store Kids Winter Clothes Safely

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Winters are over and we are already feeling the rising heat of summer months. As parents, you must have already taken out your kids’ summer clothes. But where will you store them when your kid’s wardrobe is already filled with their winter gear? You will need to keep those away to make way for the new ones. As there are bulk of clothes, storing them all in a proper way can be a daunting task. If not packed and organized properly, the clothes can get ruined and this is not something that you would want. Here’s a guide that you can follow to store kids' winter clothes safely so that they are in great condition for the next year. 

Clean Them Before Packing

It is essential to clean the winter wear before packing it all. Washing is not enough; you must also ensure that the clothes are completely dry. Any lingering scent can fade the clothes and food stains will attract moths and insects. As the clothes will be away from your eyes, you won’t even know that they are getting ruined. It will only come to light when you will bring them out for the next season and trust us, it won’t be a pleasant surprise.

Avoid Ironing The Clothes

It might look tempting but it is better not to iron the clothes that you want to store and also avoid using starch. Both of these things can weaken the fibres, making them prone to tearing along the creases. Just ensure that they are thoroughly dry and then start with your packing.

Choose The Right Storage Box

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When it comes to storing winter clothes, whether for kids or adults, it is always a better option to store them in plastic boxes. It might be tempting to opt for wood or cardboard boxes but it won’t keep them protected well enough. Plastic will not let moisture get in and neither any kind of pests. However, materials like cardboard and wood contain chemicals, which can easily get transferred to clothes and ruin them. With plastic boxes, just keep one thing in mind and that is to not make it airtight as there are certain winter clothes like wool that needs to breathe in order to stay in good condition. 

Store In A Cool Place

Once you have packed away winters clothes in plastic boxes, you will now need to choose a place that stays cool. The boxes should be away from the floor and any other place that can be damp, gets direct sunlight, or any type of heat. One of the best places to store winter clothes is usually in bed boxes. If you don’t have such a bed, store it in the storeroom on a shelf that is away from heat and sunlight.

Consider Vacuum Packing

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Another way to pack winter essentials without taking too much space and keeping it away from dirt, damp, mold and bugs is through vacuum packing. They are also great to pack bigger things like kids’ bed duvet and other bedding items. You can buy such package material easily through online sites. However, avoid using this option for natural fibers because they need to breathe. 

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