Wish to know for how long Coronavirus live on clothes

The world is going through the Pandemic of Covid-19, and to address the situation most of the major countries are going through a lockdown. With social distancing and applying quarantine in the affected areas, the government is setting certain principles to follow so that we can prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

Corona virus

With a lot of precautionary measures, people are following instructions so to ensure the safety of their loved ones. A lot of queries are asked with people who have less knowledge about everything that is happening in the world. Sanitation of products, how to wash hands, disinfect the clothes, etc. If we are going out to buy groceries what is the protocol for clothes once back home? Thus, people wish to know can Coronavirus live on our clothes.

Can the Coronavirus live on clothes surfaces?

  • Experts and professional researchers are still learning about the spread of the virus as it can be spread through getting in contact with someone who is infected with the virus. Thus, it is very important to follow social distancing.
  • With the information that suggests that Coronavirus can survive on metal objects, plastic, and steel surfaces for almost a few days. So, it is important once getting in contact with such things it is of utmost importance to wash your hands frequently. 
  • There is no concrete information on how long the virus can survive on fibers, though it is stated that the virus needs moisture to survive, with no moisture on the clothes it is supposed to dry up and no longer be viable. 
  • Clothes can usually hold respiratory droplets, moisture for almost a day thus can help for the survivability of the virus. With the climate and temperature in the picture, it can also affect the drying up of the clothes. 

With certain clothes been less fibrous may or may not affect the virus surviving on the cloth. Clothes like polyester might retain germs longer than cotton fabrics.

Precautions to take When it comes about clothes:

Coronavirus on Clothes

  • If you have a doubt about the contamination of the clothes if you have gone out for necessities make sure to wash them once back home. Laundry detergents are enough to wash and clean your clothes thoroughly.
  • If you are using a communal laundromat, make sure to follow all safety precautions like hand sanitizing, social distancing, and making sure to spend as little time as possible.
  • If a person is sick, make sure to wash their clothes separately. 

Safety of you and your loved ones is the most important aspect and with such precautionary measures, we can triumph over the spread of the virus.

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